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Sephora Shanghai, China Flagship Store - Biggest Flagship Store Features


Sephora Shanghai, China Flagship Store - World’s Largest Store Details:

The Sephora Shanghai flagship is not only the largest of Sephora’s retail stores in China, it’s also the biggest Sephora store in the world.

Sephora Shanghai Flagship Location
Jinjiang Xiangyang Building,
993 Nanjing Xi Lu,
Jing’an District, Shanghai
Phone: 021 2326 8888

Unique Features of the Sephora Flagship Store in Shanghai:

The largest retail store in the Sephora fleet, the Shanghai flagship has more to offer Sephora shoppers than any other Sephora retail space. Features of the Shanghai flagship include:
  • 16,000 square feet
  • Five levels
  • 118 different brands (17 are Asian brands and 3 are Chinese brands)
  • 7,000 different products
  • Sephora Academy to train "beauty experts"
  • Consulting services for make-up, skin care, perfume, and hair care

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