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Starbucks New Delhi, India Flagship Restaurant - Best Flagship Store Features


Starbucks New Delhi, India Flagship Restaurant - Best Flagship Store Features

Starbucks New Delhi, India Flagship Restaurant - Store Details:

The Starbucks New Delhi flagship restaurant is not its first restaurant in India, but it is the chain’s first retail outlet in New Delhi. A blend of Indian culture, food, and beverages with the Starbucks brand creates a unique global Starbucks experience.

Starbucks Flagship Restaurant Location
Connaught Place
New Delhi, India 110001

Unique Features of the Starbucks Flagship Store in New Delhi:

In honor of the tastes and culture of India, the Starbucks New Delhi flagship restaurant has features that are unlike the standard Starbucks branded store in the U.S. Features of the New Delhi Starbucks flagship include:
  • Serves expresso sourced and roasted in India
  • Murg Makhni Pie, Mutton Seekh in Roomali Roti, Chicken and Vegetable Lettuce Sandwich, Reshmi
  • Kabab Roll, and Lal Achari Mirch Turnover are a regular part of the menu
  • Coffee mugs sold in the star feature the India gate rather than the Starbucks logo
  • Contemporary Indian design and decor light fixtures is unlike the typical U.S. Starbucks decor

Video News Report About Starbucks New Delhi Flagship Restaurant:

See the inside and outside of the unique Starbucks New Delhi Flagship restaurant in this video report from NDTV >>

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