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Tommy Hilfiger Los Angeles, California Flagship Store - Best Flagship Features


Tommy Hilfiger Los Angeles, California Flagship - Store Details:

Specially designed for the LA audience, this HIlfiger flagship retail store features vintage Hollywood Memorabilia, one-of-a-kind vintage clothes, and a men's red carpet collection designed and available exclusively in this first Los Angeles, CA Hilfiger retail location.

Tommy Hilfiger Retail Flagship Store
3157 N. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Unique Features of the Tommy Hilfiger LA Flagship Store:

Unique Features of the Tommy Hilfiger LA Flagship Store The Washington DC Nike store is located near Georgetown University and showcases the sports which part of the Georgetown area history. Features of the new Nike Georgetown Flagship include:
  • 6,600 square feet
  • Hilfiger branded decor including navy blue and antique brass framing
  • Vintage decor
  • Men's red carpet tuxedo collection, designed exclusively for this flagship store
  • One-of-a-kind vintage clothes
  • Display of celebrity vintage items including Marilyn Monroe's cowboy boots and
  • Michael Jackosn's Hilfiger sweater.

Tommy Hilfiger LA Flagship Store Interview Video:

See the Tommy Hilfiger LA flagship store opening event, celebrities and store interior in this Hilfiger flagship opening video >>

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