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Which Sears and Kmart Stores Are Closing Down in 2012 and in What States?


Barbara Farfan for About.com
Question: Which Sears and Kmart Stores Are Closing Down in 2012 and in What States?
After Sears Holdings announced that they would be closing between 100 and 120 stores in 2012, the most frequently asked question was "Where are Sears and Kmart stores closing down?" Find out which Sears and Kmart locations are closing and in which states they are closing by clicking the links below.
Answer: >> UPDATE - See also a complete list of 2013 Store Closings >>

Sears Holdings will be closing 100-120 Sears and Kmart store locations in at least 26 states in 2012. So far Sears Holdings has identified 88 specific store locations that will close down completely including, most recently, nine Sears Great Indoors stores. The 88 closing Sears and Kmart stores are located in these states:

3 Alabama Stores Closing

3 California Stores Closing

3 Colorado Stores Closing

11 Florida Stores Closing

6 Georgia Stores Closing

1 Idaho Store Closing

3 Indiana Stores Closing

2 Iowa Stores Closing

1 Kansas Store Closing

3 Kentucky Stores Closing

1 Maryland Store closing

6 Michigan Stores Closing

4 Minnesota Stores Closing

3 Mississippi Stores Closing

2 Missouri Stores Closing

2 New Hampshire Stores Closing

4 North Carolina Stores Closing

6 Ohio Stores Closing

1 Oregon Store Closing

2 Pennsylvania Stores Closing

1 South Carolina Store Closing

4 Tennessee Stores Closing

3 Virginia Stores Closing

2 Washington Stores Closing

2 Wisconsin Stores Closing

Click the links above for the specific cities and addresses and final going out of business sale details at these closing Kmart and Sears stores in 2012.
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