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2011 Store Openings: Complete List of U.S. Retail Industry Domestic Expansion

U.S. Retailers Open Stores and Expand Ahead of Real Economic Recovery in 2011


2011 Store Openings: Complete List of U.S. Retail Industry Domestic Expansion
Reprinted with permission from Quiznos.com
Updated April 28, 2012
>> UPDATE: Click here for the current 2012 Retail Store Openings Complete List >>

Retail multi-store chains in the U.S. retail industry began announcing their store opening and expansion plans in the third quarter of 2010. This complete list of 2011 U.S. retail industry store openings reveals which top retail chains have plans to open new stores and expand their chains domestically in the U.S. in 2011. These retail chains are opening stores and expanding ahead of substantive economic recovery in anticipation of being well positioned as the economy improves in 2011.

What follows is a complete and ongoing list of the store openings announced for 2011, arranged according to the number of stores each retail company plans to open in 2011. The numbers in the left column indicate the total number of U.S. stores each retailer anticipates opening domestically in the U.S. sometime in the 2011 calendar year. Information for this 2011 Store Openings list is obtained from credible published sources available to the general public. Numbers will be updated and additions to the list will be made as new store opening information is made public.

The list below is arranged in descending order according to the number of stores planned. See also 2011 Store Openings arranged alphabetically.

This list was last updated 6-8-11. The most recent additions are indicated by bold lettering.

(See also 2011 Store Openings Arranged Alphabetically)

625  Dollar General

350  Dunkin Donuts

300  Family Dollar

300  Quizno's

275  CVS

225  Walgreens

200  Advance Auto Parts

200  Five Guys Burgers and Fries

200  GameStop

200  Uniglo

140  Auto Zone

130  Popeye's

125  Checkers/Rally's

125  Verizon Wireless Retail

111  Denny's

110  Bottom Dollar Food

104  Fresh & Easy

100  SuperValu

100  AT&T Cellphone Stores

100  Buffalo Wild Wings

100  Cold Stone Creamery

100  Little Caesars

100  Panda Express

100  Panera Bread

100  Pinkberry

100  Red Mango

100  Smashburger

100  Starbucks

95    Fastenal

90    Big Lots

90    Wingstop

85    Dollar Tree

80    Chick-fil-A

75    Tractor Supply

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