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Store Operations Solutions

From equipment to procedures, from the back office to the forecourt, managers at any experience level can find operational solutions here that will help them make their operations run more smoothly and efficiently.
  1. Cash Handling Tips & Advice
  2. Retail Operations Resources (8)

Shoplifting, Shrinkage, Customer and Employee Theft Guide - Stop Shoplifting

Shoplifting, shrinkage, and both customer and employee theft are problems for all retailers in every size of retail store. Find information about how to prevent shoplifting, spotting shoplifters, recognizing signs of merchandise theft, and ideas for how to stop shoplifting in this complete shoplifting guide.

Loss Prevention Manager Job Profile

Loss prevention is getting more sophisticated and more necessary in the retail industry. This loss prevention job profile will help you determine if you're suited for a retail loss prevention career by providing you with specific loss prevention job duties qualifications, and education details.

What is Supply Chain Management and Examples of It in the Ret…

Get a definition, explanation and description of supply management in the retail industry here, along with examples of proactive supply chain management and the consequences of neglected supply chain management.

Entry Level Retail Job Profile - Stock & Inventory Associate

Retail stock and inventory associates provide the support that makes merchandising and inventory control possible for larger retail operations. By making products easily accessible, visually appealing, and constantly available, stock and inventory associates positively impact the retail customer experience, and contribute to a retail operation's profitability.

Crisis and Disaster Planning for a Retail Operation

The worst time to manage a crisis or disaster is when you're in the middle of it. These crisis and disaster planning resources and tips will help retail managers prepare their operations and employees for the emergency situations and avoid unnecessary panic if they occur.
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