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Target Corporation Stores, Mission Statement, Employment, and Sales

Get information about Target corporation stores, employment, sales, trends, mission statement and CEO Gregg Steinhafel. Find analysis of Target stores current events, as well as company history and trivia in this index.
  1. Current Target Job Openings

Target is a Most Ethical Retail Companies in the World 2013-2007
Target is one of three retail chains that are the only U.S. retailers that have demonstrated consistently exemplary global ethics, according to the annual report on company ethics from Ethisphere Institute. What are all of the most ethical retail companies in the world in 2013? Get the complete list of 41 U.S. retail chains that have demonstrated the best ethics, responsibility, corporate governance, reputation, and ethical leadership of all international retail chains from 2007 - 2013 in this article.

Answers About the Target Corporate Mission, Values & Commitments
Find answers to frequently asked questions about the mission statement, vision and values of the Target retail corporation along with history and trivia about the Target company, its founder, and the worldwide headquarters of the Target retail corporation in this FAQ article.

Target Stores Rank As Best Company to Launch a Retail Career
When Business Week Magazine compiled a list of the best employers where new college graduates could launch their careers, Target stores were ranked in the top 100 of all U.S. companies and in the top 10 of retail industry companies. Get information about all the Best Companies to Launch a Retail Career in this article.

2010 Same Store Sales Roundup - Target Stores Monthly Sales Comps
See a complete roundup of 2010 monthly same store sales figures for Target stores on this monthly comps chart. Compare the Target same store sales results each month with other top retail industry chains.

2010 Same Store Sales Roundup - Target Stores Monthly Sales Comps
See a complete roundup of 2010 monthly same store sales figures for Target stores on this monthly comps chart. Compare the Target same store sales results each month with other top retail industry chains.

What Target Still Values - Traditional Long-term Careers and Community
Target is one of the few American companies that still believes in long-term careers, succession planning, and providing a strong and steady corporate ladder for employees to climb. Get expert analysis of Target's career and community values and how those values impact the company's present and future.

Target Stores Mission Statement - The Vision and Values Guiding Target
Find the mission, vision, and values of the Target stores chain in this article, along with information about Target's founders, its history, and its current headquarters.

Career Path of Target CEO Robert Ulrich - Retail Career Advancement
Discover the career path which led Robert Ulrich to the CEO position in the Target stores organization. Get inspiration and guidance for a traditional rise through the retail ranks.

Gift Return Worst Practices at Target - Customer Unfriendly Policies
Find the return policies at Target that put earned it a space on the gift return worst practices list. Get details about the gift return process for Target and Target.com that are customer unfriendly, and have the potential to damage the loyalty of both Target gift purchasers and Target gift receivers.

Healthcare Programs at Target - Health Benefits for Target Employees
Find out how Target's workplace healthcare programs rank compared to other companies in the U.S. retail industry. Get details about why Target is designated as one of the "Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles."

Female Executive Leadership at Target - Women in Retail Assessment
How much presence do women have at the highest levels of leadership and in the executive boardroom of the Target corporation? Find out how Target compares to other Fortune 500 companies for female representation in key executive positions.

Social Media Marketing from Target Stores - Target and Facebook
Find information about social media marketing in the retail industry and the Target corporation's use of Facebook to connect with its customers in this article.

How Target Ranks for Customer Service Compared to Other U.S. Retail Industry...
Find out how Target ranks for customer service in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index. Compare Target's most recent customer service score to other U.S. retail companies in this article.

Target YouTube Videos - Newest Videos of Target on YouTube and Social Media
Target is posting videos and commercials on Target as part of its social media marketing strategy. View the newest videos of Amazon.com and see how Target loyal fans and potential customers are being engaged with company-created and user-generated YouTube video content.

Target History - Year Founded, Rank on Oldest U.S. Retail Industry Companies...
Find information about the history of Target , the year it was founded, and where the Target retail chain ranks compared to other U.S. retailers on the list of Oldest U.S. Retail Industry Companies list.

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