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U.S. Retail Industry Largest Stores of Top Retail Chains in London, England, UK

London. England Largest and Best Global Flagship Retail Stores - Complete List


What follows is a list of flagship stores that are located in London, England, UK, along with the unique features that qualify the store for "flagship" designation.

A chandelier fashioned from 4,000 pairs of Oakley sunglasses is just one of the features of this luxury Oakley UK flagship destination store.
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Abercrombie & Fitch
7 Burlington Gardens
London, England, UK
  • First London and first European location
  • Store is in a renovated historic building, originally built as a home in 1725, now on Savile Row, the area known as London's fine clothing district
  • Historic interior, including grand stone staircases with wrought iron railings, high ceilings, and dramatic lighting
  • Decorated with oil paintings of well-built and handsome young American men wearing football outfits
  • Jeans are displayed in glass counters resembling a jewelry store
  • Sells limited edition jeans, which are only available exclusively in flagship stores in key cities like L.A. and New York in limited quantities

235 Regent Street
London, England, UK

  • Apple's largest store with an estimated rent of £1.5 million a year.
  • Events and workshops are held daily in the two-story shop.
Louis Vuitton
160 New Bond Street
London, England, UK
  • It features a two-story wall of trunks – to showcase the Louis Vuitton tradition of working in leather – and a glass and LED staircase.
  • The 15,000 square-foot store is designed to reflect the 21st century mood of London and bring together innovation, heritage and fashion.
  • Features a library which showcases the best of British contemporary Art Books and commissions.
  • The store’s second floor is a luxurious private client suite, which can only be accessed by invitation.

236 Oxford Street

London, England, UK

  • 70,000 square-foot store.
  • The store has the largest collection of women sports clothing and footwear in Europe.
  • The store took two years to build and cost between $46.7 and $62.3 million USD.

400 Oxford Street 

London, England, UK

  • The flagship Oxford Street store is the second largest shop in the UK.
  • Known for its outstanding architectural features and masterful decorations.
  • Selfridges is known for its food hall, which includes a section with popular American food products that are rarely found in London.

Solange Azagury-Partridge
162 New Bond Street
London, England, UK
  • The most fantastic feature of the new store is the carpet. It stands out in Azagury-Partridge’s signature style.
  • The first floor of the two-story boutique is an impressive meeting of theatrical and whimsical.
  • Everything has been choreographed and specially made for the space.
  • Downstairs is a private-member area featuring hidden doors, alcoves and padded walls.
  • The ceiling is decorated with 600,000 Swarovski crystals.

Sunglass Hut
162 New Bond Street
London, England, UK
  • The 1,906sq ft Oxford Street flagship features a 975 square foot sales floor, along with a Social Sun station for an interactive experience.
  • There is a VIP lounge for private fittings and press appointments.
  • The flagship locations feature over 30 designer brands in an expanded brand assortment, plus newly launched brands.
  • The new flagship store concept aims to provide an innovative, interactive experience that celebrates fashion and shopping.

311 Oxford Street

London, England, UK 

  • The London flagship is UNIQLO’s largest store.
  • Authentically recreates the unique experience of modern Japanese retail culture.
  • It was designed by the renowned interior designer Masamichi Katayam.

Whole Foods
63-97 Kensington High Street
London, England, UK
  • The 80,000-square-foot store is the first Whole Foods Market in Europe.
  • It is spread across three floors in the historic Barkers building on High Street Kensington.
  • The ground floor includes an in-house bakery in the Provision Hall, which features a wine and cheese bar. A team of 55 in-store chefs will prepare a range of fresh foods.
  • Downstairs is Market Hall, which features more than 10,000 grocery items. Shoppers can select from nearly 100 options including nuts, oats, and grains.
  • At the London store, Whole Foods is launching a new Five-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program, which allows shoppers to understand how the meats they are buying were raised and treated.
  • A food hall on the top floor features 13 dining areas with seating for more than 350 diners, where they can choose from a champagne and oyster bar, the pub, sushi and dim sum.

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