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Retail Recession Is Fun and Games for GameStop


Everyone needs an escape from economic reality, and GameStop is the escape of choice for worldwide consumers so far. (More about Gamestop's Q1 2009 below.)
Retail Recession Is Fun and Games for GameStop
© 2009 Barbara Farfan
GameStop continues to dazzle its investors, customers, and even its envious retail neighbors in the mall. Last year's fourth quarter earnings increase of 22.4% for GameStop hasn't dipped much in the first quarter of 2009. Its February, 2009 same store sales saw a 10% increase.

Game Stop committed to a high-priced NASCAR sponsorship of #20 Toyota driven by 19 year-old Joey Logano. The sponsorship will reportedly cost the game retailer $20 million or more, but will probably be well worth it for the exposure and cross promotional opportunities the relationship affords.

When GameStop announced it would renew Logano's sponsorship this year, Logano told Rueters reporters, "They are one of the cooler sponsors someone can have."

GameStop said that it plans to open 200 new stores in 2009, which would bring their total to 6,407 stores in 17 countries.
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