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Best Unique, Creative, Strange, Funny, and Traditional Gift Of-the-Month Clubs

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas - Bacon, Wine, Meat, Panty of the Month Delivery


Updated June 12, 2014
Books, wines, flowers, and bacon are some of the things that people love so much that they want to make sure they get an ample supply on a regular basis. Gift-of-the-month Clubs were designed to give customers their fix of their favorite things each month with repetition and variety all at the same time. Just as you read a different book each month with a Book of the Month Club, you'll also sample a different type of wine each month with the Wine of the Month Club, enjoy a different bouquet with the Flower of the Month Club, and fry up a different cut and flavor of bacon with the Bacon of the Month Club.

"Of the Month" clubs are popular with gift givers who want their gift recipients to remember them every month. Businesses use "of the month" clubs to build employee and customer loyalty, and keep their business top of mind in a positive way throughout the year.

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  • Last-minute gift givers also like "of the month" clubs because they can be joined online at the very last last minute, and presented to the gift recipient even before the first month's shipment arrives. Last minute gift of the month memberships seem more thoughtful and generous than desperate and last-minute.

    What follows is a complete collection of the best creative, traditional, unique, funny, and strange "of the month" club offerings that are available for enrollment, business gifts, and last-minute gift giving online. This list is arranged in alphabetical order, according to the stuff that will arrive on your doorstep each month with each club membership. Click the links to be taken to the website where each of-the-month memberships are offered.

    Best Unique, Creative, Strange, Funny and Traditional Gift of the Month Clubs (continued):

    Bacon of the Month Club

    Who knew there were 12 kinds of bacon that are so different they each get assigned their own tasting month? Bacon lovers knew, that's who. There are several different Bacon of the Month Clubs. (Who knew there were enough bacon lovers to sustain several different clubs?) One example is The Pig Next Door which offers two Bacon of the month clubs - one with a different artisan bacon each month, and one with different breeds of pigs raised with sustainable methods.

    For more info about The Pig Next Door and the Bacon of the Month Clubs, click here >>

    Book of the Month Club

    The book of the month club is one of the oldest and most enduring of the monthly club offerings in the U.S. If you love a reader and would like to demonstrate that love to them every month, then a book of the month club membership is a quick and easy alternative right up to the last minute of our gift-buying deadline. The club that seemingly dominates without any competition is BOMC.com, which is owned by Direct Brands Inc., a company that doesn't look like it's going away any time soon.

    For more about joining the BOMC Book of the Month Club click here >>

    Earrings of the Month

    The Earring of the Month Club from DivaDangler will ship a new pair of trendy earrings every month to your Valentine for $9.95 per month plus $3.95 shipping and handling. You'll get a free bonus pair of earring with your order and you can cancel the monthly shipment and fees at any time. Order online and print out one of Earring of the Month Club enrollment page and tie it with a bow for a last minute gift of bling.

    To start the Earring of the Month Club for our Valentine click here >>

    Exotic Meat of the Month Club

    Every month a different exotic meat - including llama meat, antelope meat, and kangaroo meat. The python filets are not on the of-the-month club menu, but in the “manager’s special” month, who knows?

    To give the gift of the Exotic Meat of the Month Club, click here >>

    Fruit of the Month Club

    One of the most traditional of the traditional Valentine's Day gifts can also be a last of the last-minute Valentine's Day gifts. The Harry & David Fruit of the Month Club can be joined online and a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl can be wrapped with a bow for the Valentine gift exchange.

    To join one of several versions of the Harry & David Fruit of the Month Club click here >>

    Jerky of the Month Club

    Your Valentine doesn't have to be a jerk to be happy with a membership in the Jerky of the Month Club. For $30 per month, your Valentine will get six bags of the animal jerky of their choice in the flavor of their choice. This might just be the perfect last-minute Valentine's guy gift because one woman's romance is another man's dehydrated animal flesh.

    To join the Jerky of the Month Krave Klub click here >>

    Moss of the Month Club

    No, it’s not a typo. Moss, ferns, lichens, a mini terrarium, or a moss-covered rock might be what arrives in the mailbox of your Most of the Month Club recipient. This is great gift for the nature lover on your gift list. To be honest, it’s just a great gag gift for the person who has everything. Who’s genuinely all that interested in moss?

    To give the monthly gift of moss, click here to join the Moss of the Month Club >>

    More Last-Minute Unique Gift of the Month Club Ideas >>

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