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Customer Doesn't See Biblical Principles in Hobby Lobby Customer Service

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By Robin

Name of the Company, and its products or services

Hobby Lobby

Art supplies, hobby merchandise, crafts

Brief description of what happened

I was definitely treated with much less than Biblical principles, unless lies, defamation of my character and callous behavior is one of the principles I didn’t learn about in Sunday school.

Brief description of the customer service I got

“Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles” I wish I had been treated with Biblical principles, not only in my quest to get a message to Mr. Green, but in the aftermath of an accident I had in one of his stores.

Why this was "the worst," and could have been better

Is Mart Green more important than Jesus? No. But I guess his handlers think he is. Is he “protected” from people like me? Yes. And by people like me I mean the “little people”. You know, the kind of people Jesus spoke with everyday.

Why I do/don't continue to do business with the company

Mr. Green has worked very hard to promote Hobby Lobby as a faith based business, yet the more “important” he becomes, the more he is “protected”. They think he can’t be bothered with such small details. But no matter how important Jesus became, He never made anyone feel like a small detail. You can imagine how quickly He would have lost His flock if He operated that way.


  • Mr. Green, you will lose your flock of patrons if you’re not allowed access to them anymore. The “little people” are the biggest of all your flocks. We fill up the churches every Sunday and we shop your stores (for now) during the week. It was us “little people” that had faith in your dream by shopping at your stores.
  • I know, we are now just a small detail in the big scheme of things. But one of these days, a lot of your small details will no longer shop at your stores for reasons you’re not even aware of.

Barbara Farfan, About.com Retail Industry, says:

When companies publicly declare their mission, vision, and values, they need to make sure that every aspect of their business is in alignment with those principles. Otherwise, their customers (and employees) will see the discrepancies and hold the company accountable for the contradictions.
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