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Share Your Story: My Worst Retail Job and Advice

By petite cherie

Retail Company I Worked For and My Position

Nordstrom Chain

What Made It My Worst Retail Job

Nordstrom has a meticulous & long time practice of getting rid of people under the radar. Stealth sneaky unscrupulous tactics & spin all used to stay on “Fortune’s” good list. They look so squeaky clean however, they have an immoral way of getting rid people (even the disabled).

Taking away the employees hard earned “bonus“ (actually a large % of the employees income) the employee worked for all year long regardless of the employee’s hard work & years of dedication. Nordstrom works very hard to disband any unionization.

They are the “High end Wal-mart” forcing employees to sign contracts etc…

I worked there for years & saw them do it at all levels to many good people time & time again. Man they have some system there & no one sees it just yet.


  • Beware of working there & investing your time energy or money (lawsuit city)! They are blasé to lawsuits Mr. Nordstrom himself said “Ah, it’s all part of doing business”… yeah, bad business. A little too Madoff for my taste.
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