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All 2014 U.S. Retail Store Closings Roundup

All 2014 U.S. Retail Industry Store Closings Complete Roundup

Aeropostale and Coldwater Creek are the latest U.S. retail chains to announce a significant number of store closings planned for the 2014 calendar year. Get a complete list of all 2014 store closings in this U.S. Retail Store Closings Roundup...

More About U.S. Retail Industry Store Closings:
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What are Mission Statements of World Brands & International Retailers?

What are the company mission statement of famous world brands and international retailers like BP, Honda, IKEA, and Trader Joe’s? This is a complete index of the corporate missions, visions, and values of the biggest, best, and most famous global retail companies.

2014 World's Largest UK Retail Chains - United Kingdom Top Retailers

This is a complete list of the 14 largest retail chains based in the UK which were included on the 2014 Global Powers of Retailing list published by STORES Magazine and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Find out which UK retail chains are the largest in the world, when ranked by revenue and compared with other retail chains all over the world.

2014 Largest European Retail Chains - Biggest Europe Based Retailers

This is a complete list of the largest European retail chains. These are the biggest retailers in the UK, France, Germany, and all European countries according to total annual revenue as reported on the annual Global Powers of Retailing list.

Death of Legendary US Retail Industry Founder, Alvah Roebuck of Sears

Get expert retail analysis of the death of the Sears brand through the eyes and values of the founders of Sears in this article. On the anniversary of his death, find out how Sears co-founder Alvah Roebuck would view Sears challenges today and lead the great American Sears brand into the future.

Trending News for 2014 Back-to-School Shopping Season Retail Sales

Find an index of trending news related to the 2014 back-to-school shopping season and information about back-to-school retail sales. Get the latest information about back-to-school marketing, survey results, spending trends, and sales in 2014 in this article.

What are Luxury Retail Brands’ Company/Corporate Mission Statements?

What are the company mission statement of the world’s largest luxury retail brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Coach, and Swarovski? This is a complete index of the corporate missions, visions, and values of the biggest, best, and most popular luxury retail companies here.

Controversial Dov Charney Quotations About Sex, Fair Wages, Free Trade

Controversial Dov Charney quotes and opinions about sex, fair wages, and free trade reveal how American Apparel founder Dov Charney has managed to offend customers, stockholders, and the general public in his 23 years building the American Apparel brand and retail chain.

Dov Charney American Apparel Firing & US Retail Industry CEO Scandals

Find news about Dov Charney’s firing from American Apparel and its connection to other U.S. retail industry CEO scandals in this article. This is expert news analysis of controversial retail leaders like Best Buy’s Brian Dunn and Abercrombie & Fitch’s Mike Jeffries and the impact of CEO scandals on retail business reputations.

What is a Customer Experience? Defining, Creating, Managing Retail Experiences

What is a “customer experience?” This is a real-life story of a “perfect” customer experience that is creating the best retailing results that other retailers envy. Find out how the in-store experience at PistachioLand in New Mexico results in sales success, and how this case study can help other retail leaders with defining, creating, and managing their own retail customer experiences.

Funny, Fun, Motivational and Insightful Quotes About Downsizing and Rightsizing

Find funny, fun, motivational quotes about downsizing, rightsizing, and getting downsized in this article. Get quotable quotes to share and insights from business leaders and successful people about downsizing by American companies in this article.

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