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Day After Christmas Store Hours And Best Deals Are Not Extreme on December 26, 2012 - All Opening and Closing Times For After Christmas Clearance Sales at Kohl's, Macy's, Costco, Target and More

By December 26, 2012

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If U.S. shoppers are looking for day-after-Christmas clearance sales hype, headline-making deals and discounts, or campout-worthy doorbusters, they will probably be anticlimactically disappointed. In comparison to the rest of the 2012 Christmas holiday shopping season, the after-Christmas sales event in 2012 is rather dull and uininspiring. The December 26th sales are so under-promoted this year that it's difficult to even find out what the day after Christmas store hours actually are.

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Compared to Black Friday, day after Christmas store opening and closing times are rather mundane. Compared to Canada's equivalent December 26th Boxing Day sales event, Americans look like slacker shoppers. There's no self-respecting Canadian Boxing Day retailer that would keep its doors closed until 10 PM on the day after Christmas like Costco is doing in the U.S. Except for Costco Canada, of course.

Even though there were tens of thousands of retail stores and restaurants open on Christmas Day, no new major retail chains broke through the Christmas Day no-retailing barrier in 2012, and no top-this December 25th midnight madness sales were launched.

Why not?

Official statements from retail spokespeople would have us believe that retailers chose to respect the Christmas Day barrier out of respect for their employees and in support of the great American Christmas family tradition. After having proven many times that given a choice between profit and tradition, family values, or employee satisfaction that profit wins, it's easier to believe that retail leaders chose not to operate with extreme Christmas Day or day-after-Christmas store hours in 2012 because they didn't believe the impact on overall sales results would be positive enough.

If Christmas shopping reality was really as pathetic as preliminary statistics and early reports have indicated, it's easy to imagine that U.S. consumers would have seen some Black Friday-esque extreme store opening and closing times on the day after Christmas 2012. And shoppers probably would have shown up for that party.

But there are few 2012 day-after Christmas promotions that even come near to being extreme. Kohl's (KSS) has the earliest store opening time of 5:00 AM, with no major competition. Kohl's customers who queue up that early on 12/26/12 will be rewarded with some early bird specials priced with 60% - 70% discounts. This may or may not be worth getting out of bed for, depending on if you have any Kohl's returns to make or gift cards to spend.

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Day-after Christmas power shoppers can hit Macy's (M) or Target (TGT) next, which both open at 7:00 AM on 12/26. After that there will be some decisions that need to be made because 8:00 AM is the most common store opening time on the day after Christmas in 2012. There are even plenty of chains like Barnes & Noble and Big Lots that are keeping regular Wednesday store hours which are not extended in either direction. How pedestrian!

None of this implies that there won't be plenty of consuming happening on December 26th, because there will be and it will likely be record-breaking, if Australia and UK Boxing Day 2012 trends are any indication. It's the momentum of Christmas consuming cycle itself that will carry shoppers into retail stores on the day after Christmas this year, not the retailers that don't seem to be very interested in whipping up much of a December 26th shopping frenzy.

The majority of American consumers are still conditioned to believe that day-after Christmas shopping is worth the effort, but that effort is going to have to be a little greater in 2012 because retailers aren't makng things easy. So if you're one of the millions who will be spending the billions at the Day After Clearance Sales in 2012, here's the important information that you'll need to know...

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