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How to Find the Best Cyber Monday Deals - Are You Ready for Cyber Monday 2012?

Best Cyber Monday 2012 Coupon Codes - Internet Mobile Shopping November 26, 2012


How to Find the Best Cyber Monday Deals - Are You Ready for Cyber Monday 2012?
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Updated December 01, 2012
See Also These Cyber Week 2012 Deals and Discounts: Where and how do you find the best Cyber Monday 2012 deals and coupon codes and the best Cyber Day deals and discounts offered on November 26, 2012? How do you find out which retail or mobile Internet shopping website will have the best deals and the biggest discounts? Are you ready for Cyber Monday 2012, which promises to be the biggest Cyber Monday online and mobile shopping event in history?

The most difficult thing about Cyber Monday is that online Internet and mobile shopping websites don’t give Cyber Monday shoppers much lead time to research and compare the best Cyber Monday deals, discounts, and coupon codes before the Cyber Monday event begins. It could be that this is an intentional marketing tactic of the largest U.S. retail chains that don’t want shoppers to be all that well informed before making their purchase decisions.

At the same time, Cyber Monday Internet and mobile website owners do have to inform potential customers about their one-day-only Cyber Monday deals, discounts, and coupon codes at some time, otherwise they wouldn’t attract the shoppers who want to buy the Cyber Day deals that will be gone in a 24-hour flash. So the way that savvy Cyber Monday deal hunters can get ready for Cyber Monday 2012 is to make sure that they are completely cyber connected to their favorite online and mobile retail websites so that they can receive all of the news about Cyber Monday deals as soon as it is released.

What follows are five steps that you can take to get ready for Cyber Monday 2012 and make sure you don’t miss any of the best deals, discounts, coupons or freebies that Cyber Monday 2012 has to offer.

Five Tips for Finding the Best Cyber Monday Deals Discounts, Coupon Codes and Freebies:

1. If You Like the Best Deals, Then "Like" These Retailers - Find Facebook-Only Cyber Monday Deals and Discounts

The biggest and best retail chains will be using Facebook for special Facebook-only Cyber Monday 2012 deals, discounts and coupons. Retailers love Facebook because it provides them with an outlet for instant communications with their customers. Oh yeah... they also like it because it's free!

Retailers will be Facebooking with a frenzy on November 25 and November 26, 2012 with flash Cyber Monday deals. Part of finding the best Cyber Monday deals and being well prepared to take advantage of the Facebook flashes as they pop up is to is to connect to the Facebook accounts of any retailers where you think you might like to shop.

So if you like deals, use this link for the fastest and easiest way to find and "like" your favorite retailers on Facebook...

All major retail chain Facebook pages >>

Another tip is to make sure that your Facebook setting allow you to receive e-mail or mobile communications from the retailer you’ve Facebook connected to. You can always change those settings to block messages after the Christmas holiday shopping season is over.

2. Tweet Treats, Dash-in Deals, and Flash Offer Fun - Best Retail Twitter Feeds to Follow on Cyber Monday 2012

Twitter is the new cyber "blue light special" for today's retailers big and small. (You'll have to check out the Kmart history books if you don't know what a blue light special is!) In 2012, it is predicted that there will be more retailers sending out more Cyber Monday tweet treats, dash-in deals and flash offer fun to their Twitter followers than ever before.

If you’re still finding Twitter feeds to follow on Cyber Monday, then you’ll definitely be missing some Cyber Monday Twitter deals and coupon codes. The fastest and easiest way to get ready for Cyber Monday Twitter deals is to use this link...

Complete list of the biggest U.S. retail chains using Twitter for Cyber Monday dash-in deals and flash offer fun >>

More Tips for Finding the Best cyber Monday 2012 Deals, Discounts, Coupon Codes & Freebies >>

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