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JC Penney Stores, Coupons, Employment, Sales, Stock, Trends, & Mission Statement

Find information about JC Penney stores, coupons, employment, sales, stocks, trends and mission statement here. Complete JC Penney stores and company news, information, and research can be found in this JC Penney company and stores index.
  1. JC Penney Current Job Openings

JCPenney.com Online Shopping Customers Free Shipping Options - In Store Pickup
Fast and free shipping is available for JC Penney's (JCP) customers when they shop online at JCPenney.com. Get information and details about JC Penney's free in-store pickup, along with the free shipping options for 26 other U.S. retailers from their online e-commerce shops.

JC Penney's Retail Store Opening Plans - JC Penney Chain Domestic U.S. Expansion
Find the latest domestic U.S. store opening plans for the JC Penney retail chain in this article. Compare JC Penney's expansion plans with the domestic U.S. store opening plans of other major U.S. retail chains.

CEO Salary, Compensation, and Stock Option Pay for JC Penney JCP CEOs Since 2004
Get salary, compensation, bonus and stock option pay information for JC Penney (JCP) CEOs since 2004. Find out the total compensation package paid to JC Penney (JCP)CEOs since 2004 and compare it to the total compensation package paid to other U.S. retail industry CEOs.

Customer Choice Survey Ranks JC Penney (JCP) Stores High for Customer Service
According to an annual survey of customers, JC Penney (JCP) retail stores ranks high for customer service, or at least for having a good reputation when it comes to customer service. Get a multi-year comparison of Customer Choice customer service reputation rankings for JC Penney retail stores and other major U.S. retail chains as published by the National Retail Federation (NRF) in this article.

JC Penney's Ranking on the Forbes Global 2000 List - World's Largest Retailers
Find out where JC Penney (JCP) retail chain ranks on the latest Forbes Global 2000 list, which ranks the largest companies around the world based each company's sales, profits, assets, and market value. Compare JC Penney's Forbes 2000 ranking to the rankings of all of the world's largest retailers.

2010 Same Store Sales Roundup - JC Penney (JCP) Monthly Same Store Sales Comps
See a complete roundup of 2010 monthly same store sales figures for JC Penney (JCP) retail department stores chain on this 2010 monthly sales comps chart. Compare JC Penney's retail same store sales results each month with other top retail industry chains.

Retail Social Media Marketing - JC Penney's Facebook Marketing & Communication
JC Penney is one of the major U.S. retail industry companies utilizing Facebook in its marketing and customer communications efforts. Get information about social media marketing in the U.S. retail industry, and find a list of retail companies that have established a prominent presence for their business and brand on the Facebook social media website, including the JC Penny retail department stores chain.

Real-time Stock Market Quotes and News for the JC Penney Retail Stores (JCP)
Get real-time stock market quotes, information, and news for JC Penney retail department stores here. Stock charts, SEC Filings, historical data, research, and more for the JC Penney retail stores chain can be found here.

JC Penney Coupons, Dicsounts, and Savings - How to Get Extra JC Penney Savings
Find coupon codes, discounts, specials, sales, deals, and information about how to get extra savings from JC Penney retail department stores and JC Penney.com in this article.

Female Executives in the U.S. Retail Industry - Ranks for JC Penney's Women
Which retail companies are most likely to have females in their highest executive ranks and in their boardrooms? Find out how JC Penney (JCP) female executive leadership ranks, compared to the women who work for all other major U.S. retail industry chains.

JC Penney Stock Hits Lows - Wall Street Loses Patience with JCP Brand Transition
Get expert analysis of JC Penney's stock price challenges and the reasons why Wall Street is losing patience with the JCP stock as the JCPenney management team leads the brand through a major transition. Find out the long-term implications of JC Penney's short-term stock lows in this article

Quotes from JC Penney Founder, James Cash Penney, on Principles - Quotations
Find quotes from the fonder of the JC Penney (JCP) retail chain, James Cash Penney, about principles in business. Get quotations that reveal the philosophy that James Cash Penney used to build one of the world's largest, oldest, and most respected retail brands - JC Penney.

Mission Statement of JC Penney Company (JCP) - Mission, Vision, and Founders
Discover the corporate mission statement that guides and drives employees at all levels of the JC Penney retail organization Find mission, vision, history, founders, and headquarters information for the JC Penney company (JCP) here.

How JC Penney Created a Brand Makeover in 2010 - Big Changes for JC Penney (JCP)
Get information about the dramatic makeover created for the JC Penney retail brand in 2010. After 107 years in business, the JC Penney brand was due for a makeover, and the JC Penney leaders were focused on revitalizing the JC Penney brand and making big changes.

World Retail Congress Awards for JC Penney (JCP) - JC Penney Global Retail Award
JC Penney is in an elite group of global retailers that received recognition and awards from the World Retail Congress. Get information about the JC Penney World Retail Congress Awards, and the other award-winning companies around the world in this article.

Why JC Penney and other U.S. Retailers Failed in South America - Global Retail
Find out why JC Penney and other major U.S. retail chains have failed in South America. This is a list of global retailers which have been unsuccessful in their South American expansion, and the top South American retailers who successfully drove the U.S. retail powerhouses out of business.

JC Penney E-Gift Card and E-Gift Certificate Options - JCP Last Minute Shopping
JC Penney is one of the major U.S. retail chains that offers last minute shopping options by offering e-gift cards and e-gift certificates that can be purchased online and sent to gift recipients almost immediately. Get information about the JC Penney (JCP) e-gift card and e-gift certificate shopping options here, along with the last minute shopping options of other U.S. retailers.

World's Most Admired Retailers List - JC Penney Score and Ranking, Most Admired
According to investment experts, JC Penney (JCP) retail stores have earned a ranking on the current World's Most Admired Retail companies list. Find JC Penney's "most admired" score and how the JC Penney retail chain ranks compared to other top retailers around the world.

JC Penney's Ranking on the Largest Chains in the U.S. Retail Industry List
JC Penney (JCP) is ranked as one of the largest retail chains in the U.S. and in the world. Find the latest ranking for the JC Penney retail chain, and all major retail chains on this Largest U.S. Retailers list.

How JC Penney Ranks for Customer Service Compared to Other U.S. Retail...
Find out how JC Penney ranks for customer service in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index. Compare JC Penney's most recent customer service score to other U.S. retail companies in this article.

JC Penney History - Year Founded, Rank on Oldest U.S. Retail Industry...
Find information about the history of JC Penney, the year it was founded, and where the JC Penney retail chain ranks compared to other U.S. retailers on the list of Oldest U.S. Retail Industry Companies list.

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