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2013 Thanksgiving Store Openings and Hours - Macy’s, Walmart, Target, Best Buy

U.S. Retail Shopping Hours Management - Opening Times on November 28th, 2013


2013 Thanksgiving Store Openings and Hours - Macy’s, Walmart, Target, Best Buy
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Updated November 28, 2013
The biggest managerial decision of the year for U.S. retail industry leaders is when to open stores and start Black Friday weekend sales. In 2012, the Thanksgiving Malliday was officially born when Walmart dared to cross the Black Friday time boundary and open its stores on Thanksgiving Day. When a critical mass of hundreds of malls and more than 200 retail chains joined Walmart with store opening hours, the no-retail-sales sanctity of the Thanksgiving Day holiday was officially retail history for U.S. holiday shoppers.

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In 2013, Macy’s was the first and bravest of the largest U.S. retail chains to announce its 8:00 PM November 29th Thanksgiving Day store opening time. This is not the first time that Macy’s has hosted Thanksgiving Day store hours. For the past few years several hundred (but not all) Macy’s stores were open and doing a brisk holiday retail sales business on Thanksgiving Day. This year Macy’s is all in and all of its stores will be opening their doors at 8:00 PM for a Thanksgiving Day Black Friday sales marathon.

Other retail chains are happy to allow the media to report that they are opening their stores on Thanksgiving Day in order to keep up with Macy’s and Walmart. But the truth of the matter is that the growth trend for online Thanksgiving Day online sales have given U.S. retailers the clear signal that a large number of holiday deal hunters are not adverse to devoting part of their Thanksgiving Day to shopping.

If Thanksgiving Day store openings were not profitable, retailers wouldn’t have them. So this year, retailers are attributing the 2013 Thanksgiving Malliday store openings to “consumer demand,” but the correct marketing term is really “consumer acceptance” of Thanksgiving Day shopping opportunities. As long as holiday deal shoppers show a willingness to participate in Thanksgiving (and pre-Thanksgiving) marketing games, most of the large U.S. retail chains will continue to play them.

Now that Thanksgiving Day shopping is an official part of the annual retail sales event calendar, consumers are eager to find out what are the store opening times, shopping hours, and closing times for all U.S. retail chains on Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately there is no one retail chain that is willing to provide a roundup of all Thanksgiving Day store hours and opening times. So, what follows is just such a list.

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