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2010 World's Largest Retailers by Country - Top Global Retail Companies List

Global Powers of Retailing Names Biggest and Best Retail Chains Worldwide


Walmart store exterior
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Each country has a retailer that is its biggest and best, and when comparing the biggest and best retail chains from each company, the Global Powers of Retailing list emerges. From the 13th annual “Global Powers of Retailing” report compiled by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and STORES Magazine, this is the list of the retailers who are leading the way for the retail industry in each of their 32 homelands.

The “Global Powers of Retailing” list ranks global retailers according to total revenue. In 2010 the list reflects the revenue that was generated in 2009, which was the early part of an intense global retailing recession. Despite that, the changes from the last Global Powers list are surprisingly not all that dramatic.

Most of the world’s largest retailers positioned in the top half of the list moved very little in their rankings, if at all. Wal-Mart is still, by far, the largest retailer in the world. France’s Carrefour is still #2. Germany’s Metro AG overtook the United Kingdom’s Tesco chain and claimed the #3 position on the list. The top retailers in the top countries managed to maintain relative stability on the global retailing stage.

There were a few big notable shifts in the world’s largest retailers, however. Norway and Lithuania became global powers of retailing, joining this year’s list at #88 and #221, respectively. Iceland fell off the list completely after its Baugur Group became a recession casualty.

Russia fell from the #15 position to the #107 position, the largest drop for any one country. China’s ranking fell from #63 to #90, and a new largest retailer emerged in that country. Spain, Finland, Chile, South Korea, and Brazil also had new retail companies assume the position of being their country’s largest retailer.

Click the links below to view the "World's Largest Retailers" list by continent or view the complete list, which is arranged by country.

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