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Retail Visual Merchandisng Tips, Trends, Jobs & Careers

Improve sales and profitability with the retail merchandising tools and tips. Find the latest retail trends in visual merchandising, merchandising innovations, and merchandising trends here. Also find retail merchandising jobs and career information here.

Coach, Inc. Uses Product Mix to Dazzle Shoppers and Make Profits
Coach Inc. took an aggressive stance in the 2008 holiday season with a product mix that was bold and innovative. Read about product mix strategies that retailers have used to get out of the red and into the green.

Retail Career Job Profile - Visual Merchandising Associate
Retail merchandising career paths often start with a store level visual merchandising job. Retail visual merchandising employees work with the advertising, marketing, and sales departments to design in-store visual displays and decorate store windows in the style of the store, its merchandise, and the brand.

Retail Career Job Profile - Sales Merchandiser
A Retail Sales Merchandiser is the connector between a manufacturer who makes products and the retailer who sells those products. By providing execution, education, promotions, and reporting support, the retail sales merchandiser helps maximize sales and increase sales volume which benefits both the retailer and the manufacturer.

Five Visual Merchandising Basics
Visual merchandising and in-store displays will work best for you when you know why they work at all. Learn five basic tips for using visual merchandising effectively.

Merchandising Analyst Career Profile
Read this career profile to find out if being a well-paid merchandising analyst is your retail dream job.

The Future of Category Management
Find out why category management best practices don't always translate to retail reality, and what category managers will have to do to keep their jobs in the future.

Calculating the ROI of Digital Signage
In-store digital signage can't just be cool, it also needs to be cost effective. Learn how to measure the ROI of digital signage in 7 different ways.

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