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Retail Industry Best Practices, Award-Winning Retailers & Retailing Benchmarks

Find the best practices of the world’s largest retail stores and chains here. Benchmark your retail operation with the best performance, strategies and innovations from award-winning global retailers. Then adapt and adopt these retail industry best practices to improve your own reatil success and profitability.
  1. Award Winning Retail Chains (59)
  2. Best New Retail Innovations (13)
  3. Customer Engagement Strategies (6)
  4. Customer Service Bests (23)
  5. Multi-Channel Integration (9)
  6. Retail Industry Worst Practices (11)
  7. Social Media Best Practices (6)
  8. Sustainable Green Retailing (14)

Best Small Retailing Company Stock Returns - Zumiez, Winmark, Lumber Liquidators
Find out which small retail chains have returned the earnings per share and the highest return on equity from 2012 to 2013 in this article. Zumiez, Winmark, and Lumber Liquidators, are among the small retailing companies with the best performing stocks when compared with all small companies in all industries. Get EPS and ROE comparison figures for top small retailers here.

2013 Retail Brands With the Best Reputation - Consumer Survey Ratings
In 2013 consumer opinion about the retail brands with the best reputations were rated and ranked to create the Best and Worst Retail Company Reputations list. Amazon and Apple were among the retailing companies with a good reputation with consumers. Find the complete list of retailing companies included on the 2013 Best and Retail Company Reputations list here and compare the 2013 ratings with the rankings from 2011 and 2012 to identify the trends of individual brands.

2014 Most Promising US Retail Chains - Smashburger Best Retail Future
Find a list of the 2014 Most Promising Retail Companies and find out which retail chains have the most potential for the best future according to the annual America's Most Promising Companies ranking list from Forbes Magazine. Smashburger, CardCash.com, and Menchie's are some of the most promising retail chains in 2014. Get the complete list and compare it to the 2012 and 2013 most promising retail companies here.

Best Retailing Employer for Work-Life Balance - REI, Sheetz, Wayfair, Shell
Find out which U.S. retailing companies do the best job at providing work-life balance according to the employee ratings and rankings from Glassdoor.com in this article. Get current and former employees opinions about the work-life balance of retailing employers like REI, Sheetz, Wayfair, and Shell and other major retailing companies, along with links to current openings, company research and online job applications here.

How Privately-held Publix Supermarkets Beat the Large Publicly-Traded Pharmacies
This is expert retail analysis of a 2013 Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction survey which revealed that CVS, Walgreens, and RiteAid lost to the Publix in-store pharmacies according to customer ratings. Find out how privately-held Publix supermarket chain is beating the largest publicly traded pharmacy chains and why customers are more likely to recommend the Publix Pharmacy than any other major pharmacy retailer in the U.S.

2013 Best Retailing Companies for Leadership - McDonald’s, Microsoft, Wal-Mart
The 2013 Best Retailing Companies for Leadership are the ones with the best leadership development, innovation, management collaboration and operational excellence, according to the most recent survey conducted by Hay Group. Find out how Ford, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Wal-Mart and other U.S. retailing companies ranked when compared to the leadership of all major U.S. companies in all industries in this article. This is a multi-year comparison of the leadership rankings earned by the largest U.S. retailing companies for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005.

2013 World’s Fastest Growing Publicly Traded Retailing Companies - Apple, Ulta
The 2013 World’s Fastest Growing Retailing Companies are the publicly traded retailers with the best combination of revenue, EPS, and annual return growth, according to the most recent Fortune World’s Fastest Growing Companies list published annually. Find out how the growth of lululemon, Apple, Under Armour, and Ulta rank with global companies in all industries, and compare the 2013 list of fastest growth retailing companies with the rankings from 2013, 2011, 2010, and 2009 as well in this article.

Customer Favorite Internet Retail Websites for Apparel and Non-Apparel Shopping
Amazon and Walmart were among the favorite Internet retail websites where consumers chose to shop most frequently in 2013. Get the complete list of Top Ten online shopping websites where consumers say they shopped most often in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in this article.

Reviews of The Gap - Merchandise, Pricing, Stores, Customer Service In Stores
Rate Gap retail stores merchandise, pricing, store atmosphere and customer service with these Gap retail store customer reviews. Give feedback to The Gap management team and give advice to retail managers based on your experiences with shopping at The Gap. Read Gap shopper reviews to discover best and worst practices in your own retail...See submissions

2013 Most Respected Retail Company Stock Investments - Money Manager Rankings
The annual results of the World’s Most Respected Companies survey reveal the global retailing companies that are getting the most “respect” from some of the world’s largest investment money managers. Get a three-year comparison of the “respect rankings” of the retail companies with the largest market value here. This is a retail focus from the Barron’s Magazine World’s Most Respected Company lists for 2013, 2012, and 2011.

2012 Fastest Growing U.S. Retail Companies - Most Revenue Growth, Private...
Get a complete list of the 2012 fastest growing U.S. retail companies here. The privately-held retail chains with the largest percentage of revenue growth between 2008 and 2011 were included on the 2012 Inc. 5000 list. Research the fastest-growing retailers, their retail offerings, and their employment opportunities with this article.

Global Flagship Retail Stores - Worldwide Retail Destination Stores
This list of flagship store locations highlights some of the most prominent stores in the world, and the reasons why they are leading their retail fleet as flagships.The "flagship" designation is liberally applied in the retail industry to stores in prestigious locations, stores with unique features, and stores that are larger than the average...

Best U.S. Retail Franchisee Opportunities 2014-2007 - Subway, McDonald’s 7-11
What are the best U.S. retail franchise opportunities for franchise investors and prospective franchisees? While Subway, McDonald’s, and 7-Eleven are some of the best franchise opportunities, they’re not the only franchise systems financial stability, growth rate, and longevity, which are three important measures of the best franchises according to Entrepreneur Magazine. Find a multi-year comparison of the Top Ten retail franchises between 2014 and 2007 in this article.

2013 Most Patriotic All-American Retail Company Brands - Disney, Ford, Walmart
This is a list of most patriotic all-American retail brands and retailing companies according to a June, 2013 consumer survey. Disney, Ralph Lauren, Ford, and Walmart are among the largest U.S. retail chains and retailing companies that consumers identified as having the greatest genuine American patriotism. Find all the retailing companies with “great American” brand images here.

2013 Best Green Cars & Marketing Trends - Tesla, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Nissan
Get three expert Best Green Cars ranking lists and reviews which have conflicting opinions about green car bests and reveal green marketing trends in this article. Tesla, Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Nissan are battling to capture a growing green market for retail automobile sales while expert ranking lists and reviews use different criteria to evaluate the “best” green cars in 2013.

2013 Best Retail Companies for Hourly Working Moms - Best Buy, Target, PetSmart
What are the best retail companies for hourly working moms? Get details about the retail companies that offer the best work situations, training, hours, schedule, telecommuting, and benefits (including childbirth leave) according to Working Mothers Magazine in this article. Best Buy and Target are two of the largest retail chains judged to be...

2013 Best Retail Corporate Citizens - Starbucks, Gap, Nike, Dell, Target Ranked
Find all the U.S. retail chains recognized as Best Retail Corporate Citizens in 2013 in this article. Starbucks, Gap, nike, Dell, and Target retail chains are among the largest retail chains and corporations with significant retail operations that have been ranked as having the most corporate responsibility in environmental impact, employee...

2013 Customer Favorite Fashion Stores and Chains in the U.S. Retail Industry
Find out the 2013 customer favorite retail stores and chains for fashion and apparel shopping in the U.S. retail industry in this article. How did Nordstom, kohl’s, Macy’s, Dillards and jcpenney rate with customers for customer service, in-store experience, merchandise value, and loyalty programs in 2013. Get the complete ranking list of the...

Most Ethical Retail Companies in the World 2013-2007 - Starbucks, Target, Gap
What are the most ethical retail companies in the world in 2013? Get the complete list of 17 U.S. retail chains that have demonstrated the best ethics, responsibility, corporate governance, reputation, and ethical leadership of all international retail chains from 2007 - 2013 in this article. Starbucks, Target, and The Gap retail chains are the only U.S. retailers that have demonstrated consistently exemplary global ethics, according to the annual report on company ethics from Ethisphere Institute

Company Mission Statements - Complete List of World’s Largest Retail Missions
Find a complete list and photo gallery of mission statements from Apple, Google, Dell, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and all of the largest retail industry companies and chains in the world here. Corporate mission statements from restaurants, auto companies, department stores, and grocery stores are all included, along with retail companies from...

Top Retailers Profit in the US Economic Slump
Even in a slumping US economy, retailers are still posting double-digit revenue and profit gains. Profits or losses for some top US retailers are being driven by the strength or weakness of the Unique Selling Proposition they've chosen to help them beat the slump.

Benchmark Market Competition with Competitive Intelligence Analysts
Retailers keep track of the competition in their sales market by employing competitive intelligence analysts who collect the data that creates usable benchmark reports. What is a competitive intelligence analyst? Find a description of this key retail job position here.

How to Use Benchmarking
How to establish standards before you compare your business to another and establish a helpful benchmark.

Retail Industry Election Day Promotion Bests
Every event can be an excuse for a retail promotion. Election Day 2008 was just such an event. Here are some of the best Election Day merchandise and dining promotions created by the retail industry to help American consumers celebrate their right to vote, and shop.

Mobile and Smart Cellphone Shopping Apps of the Largest U.S. Retail Companies
Many of the largest retail companies in the U.S. are responding to the growing use of cellphones by creating apps for mobile phones, cellphones, and smart phones which enable shoppers to do mobile shopping and make mobile purchases. Find a complete list and get descriptions of the retail phone apps available for cellphone shopping in this...

Best Cyber Monday 2010 Discount Coupon Codes and Deals For Online Shopping
Use these coupon codes to get extra savings in addition to the discounts, specials and deals that online shoppers will find at online retailers on Cyber Monday 2010. Find a complete list of coupon codes for major online retailers that are good for Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday season.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Event - Click It to Gift It eCard Sales Dec. 23
Procrastination has its own official day on the retail sales calendar now. Digital incentives company CashStar is working to establish December 23rd as the official "Click It to Gift It" Day. E-Gift card and e-gift certificate options are standard offerings for most major U.S. retail chains. This collection of Click It to Gift It...

Best Last-Minute Christmas Gift Shopping, Buying, Shipping and Giving ideas 2010
Last minute Christmas gift shoppers have more options than ever before for last-minute Christmas gift shopping, buying, shipping and giving in 2010 thanks to rapidly expanding retail technology. Find a list of the best last-minute Christmas gift ideas and the retail stores, mobile phone apps, and online shopping websites that are making...

The Best, Fastest, and Most Efficient U.S. URetail Internet and Mobile Websites
Efficient website performance is a major driver of satisfaction for the internet shopping experience. This is a list of the U.S. retail internet and mobile websites that were judged to have the best performance as measured by speed and performance.

What is the Ford Mission Statement? Answers About Ford Motor Company's Mission
Question: What is the Mission Statement of Wal-Mart Stores? Find answers about the mission statement of the world's largest retail chain along with information and trivia about Wal-Mart headquarters and the founder of Wal-Mart in this article.

Best and Most Valuable Brands 2008-2013 Comparison - Six-Year BRANDZ Rankings
How do the best and most valuable retail brands compare to each other? Find out which retailers companies have been receiving the best and most financial value from their brands in 2013 and in the five years before - 2008, 2009 2010, 2011, and 2012 in this brand comparison chart. Find out how the Apple, McDonald’s, Amazon, Wal-Mart brands and all the top retail brands have been trending in terms of brand value for the past six years in this article.

Retail Blog Index - Popular Blogs On Walmart, Target, Starbucks, ...
Find the most popular retail blog posts and topics about retailing news and issues pertaining to Wal-Mart, Target, Starbucks, McDonald’s and all the largest retail chains in the U.S. and global retail industry here. Retail focused reviews, opinion pieces, and analysis of the most popular and most searched retail topics are indexed here.

Retail Employers With the Best Adoption Policies and Benefits - 2010 Rankings
This a list of retail employers that provide the best adoption policies and benefits to their employees. Find out which retail companies were ranked among the top 100 adoption-friendly workplaces by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

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