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2013 Most Valuable Retail Brands in the World - Apple, McDonald’s, Amazon, etc.

Best Retail Brands for Brand Value, Brand Equity & Future Contribution to Profit


Apple Company Logo, Madrid
Cristina Arias/Cover/Getty Images News
Updated June 18, 2014
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What are the most valuable retail brands in the world? Each year the MillwardBrown Optimor research agency answers that question when it compiles its annual BRANDZ Top 100 Global Brands list. This is a list filled with the company brands that are the most global, most recognizable, and have the most easily identifiable personalities. The team at MillwardBrown Optimor are intent on giving the power of the brand its own credibility by quantifying the monetary contribution that the best brands make to the overall value of the company.

In other words, if you take away a strong brand a company's products and services would be less valuable and if you build a strong brand, a company's products and services become more valuable. Theoretically you should be able to divorce one of these best brands from the products and services it is attached to and build an entirely new and equally successful company around the brand itself and what it represents to consumers. And this is probably the most important point of the BRANDZ brands - they represent something more than the products and services that they're attached to and that "something more" can be given a monetary value, according to the MillwardBrown Optimor group.

According to the 2013 Most Valuable Brands in the World list, there are 37 global retail companies and companies with significant global retail operations that are considered to be the world's most valuable brands. What follows is a complete list of those most valuable brands in the global retail industry.

The numbers in the left column indicate the ranking (out of a total of 100 companies) that was assigned to each company's brand after a monetary value was assigned. The monetary BRANDZ value is derived based on a complicated formula which calculates a brand value number that reflects branded intangible earnings, customer loyalty, and brand equity. Generally, the value of a strong retail brand is at least 30% of the estimated value of the company, noting, of course, that the value of a company is also largely based on the judgment and speculation of those experts who attempt to calculate it.

2013 Most Valuable Retail Brands in the World:

1  Apple
$185.07 billion

2  Google
$113.669 billion

4  McDonald's
$90.26 billion

6  AT&T
$75.51 billion

7  Microsoft
$69.82 billion

12  Verizon
$53.00 billion

14  Amazon.com
$45.747 billion

18  Wal-Mart
$36.22 billion

24  Toyota
$24.50 billion

24  BMW
$24.02 billion

26  Disney
$21.8 billion

29  Yves St. Laurent
$22.72 billion

30  Samsung
$21.40 billion

35  Zara $20.17 billion

39  ExxonMobil
$19.23 billion

40  Hermes
$19.13 billion

41  Home Depot
$18.49 billion

43  Mercedes Benz
$17.95 billion

44  Starbucks
$17.89 billion

47  eBay
$17.75 billion

49  Shell
$17.68 billion

51  Subway
$16.69 billion

55  Tesco
$16.30 billion

65  Nike
$15.82 billion

68  Gucci
$12.74 billion

69  H&M
$12.73 billion

71  Honda
$12.40 billion

74  IKEA
$12.04 billion

76  Target
$11.88 billion

78  BP
$11.52 billion

80  Woolworths
$11.04 billion

86  Nissan
$10.19 billion

91  KFC
$9.95 billion

95  Prada
$9.45 billion

97  Chevron
$9.04 billion

99  Aldi
$9.95 billion

100  Volkswagen
$8.79 billion

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