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Best Retail Company Twitter Feeds to Follow - Retail Store Twitter Search Index

Twitter Retail Discounts, Coupons, Deals, Marketing and Customer Service Tweets


Updated March 26, 2012
What are the best retail company Twitter feeds to follow? Since just about every major retail company, restaurant chain, and automobile seller has a Twitter account, the best retail company Twitter feeds to follow are the ones that give you discounts, coupons, deals, and news scoops. And since retail Tweeters are all about social media marketing, the best strategy is to follow the retail Twitter feeds that will feed you the discounts, coupons, deals and news scoops that you want to use.

After just six years in existence, Twitter has its one-billionth subscriber in its sights. So it is logical that every major U.S. retail company would want to have a Twitter account in order to have access to those one billion people. It is also logical that one billion shoppers would want to have their favorite retail companies in their sights and tweets as well.

What follows is a retail Twitter Search Index, which lists all the retail companies with Twitter accounts. Use the links to access each retail Twitter account, and use the follow button on their Twitter page to connect to retail Twitter news you can use.

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