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The Container Store Mission Statement - 7 Foundation Principles To Guide Actions

Mission, Values, Headquarters and Founders Facts - Container Store Retail Chain


Instead of a corporate mission statement, The Container Store retail chain has a more casual set of 7 Foundation Principles which guide the actions of its employees. (See the Container Store Foundation Principles below.)
The Container Store Mission Statement - 7 Foundation Principles To Guide Actions
Barbara Farfan for About.com
The Container Store Founders Facts and Trivia:

The first Container Store was opened in Dallas, Texas by Kip Tindell, Garrett Boone, and John Mullen on July 1, 1978.

The Container Store Corporate Headquarters:

The corporate headquarters of The Container Store are located not far from the first Container Store location, in Coppell, Texas.

The Mission Statement (Foundation Principles) of The Container Store:

Instead of a static and traditional corporation mission statement, The Container Store operated for ten years with a loosely defined philosophy. In 1988 a set of seven Foundation Principles were formalized in order to make expansion of the Container Store chain possible, with a consistent philosophy and culture. The Foundation Principles of The Container Store are...

"1 Equals 3
We hire only about 3% of all who apply. If you indeed believe that with one great employee, you get three times the productivity of a good employee, you can afford to extensively train them and communicate to them, empower them and pay them 50 to 100% more than what other retailers might pay them."

Fill the other guy's basket to the brim. Making money then becomes an easy proposition.
With this sentiment guiding us, The Container Store has been successful in creatively crafting mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors by doing everything possible to truly “fill their baskets to the brim.” We know that in return, our business and our bottom line will benefit as well.

Man in the Desert Selling
We don’t just stop with the obvious. Providing our customers with a complete solution through our Man in the Desert selling philosophy has been key to achieving one of our main goals of having our customers dancing in their organized closet, pantry, home office, etc., because they are so delighted and thrilled with the complete solution we provided them.

Communication IS Leadership
The Container Store knows the importance of executing every day, consistent, reliable, predictable, effective, thoughtful, compassionate and yes even courteous communication.

Intuition Does Not Come to An Unprepared Mind
We want our employees to use their intuition — to anticipate the needs of our customers and recommend product solutions... But we know that in order to help employees do this, we have to provide them with the information — the training — to know how best to apply their intuition.

The Best Selection, Service, and Pricing
It’s hard for most retailers to offer low pricing and provide exceptional service. A few great retailers have achieved a combination of the best selection and the best service. To add the best price to that equation is generally unheard of, but The Container Store diligently achieves all three simultaneously

Air of Excitement
In retail, customers can sense when employees are having fun, when they love their jobs and are excited about helping customers. It’s an attitude that’s contagious and makes customers want to spend more time in our stores."

For more about The Container Store Foundation Principles, click here.

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