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2012 U.S. Auto Sales Roundup, Analysis, and Year-Over-Year Auto Sales Comparison

Complete Index of Total Number of U.S. Cars and Trucks Sold Monthly by Brand


2012 U.S. Auto Sales Roundup, Analysis, and Year-Over-Year Auto Sales Comparison
Reprinted with permission from Media-Chrysler.com
Updated April 11, 2012
Sales of the U.S. Automotive Industry are viewed as a key indicator of the health of the U.S. economy as a whole, and in 2012, that view is looking good. Compared to U.S. auto sales in 2011, both U.S. and foreign automobile sales have been seeing healthy year-over-year increases, and these auto sales increases are expected to continue throughout 2012. The assumption by most analysts is that the 2012 U.S. car sales increases indicate consumer confidence in the safety of their jobs and the stability in the U.S. economy, at least for the term of their new or used car loan.

The less than positive news about U.S. auto sales in 2012 is found in the type of vehicles that are being purchased. While small, economical, full-efficient cars are good for the environment and for consumer pocketbooks, they are less profitable for auto makers. So while sales numbers will probably be robust throughout 2012, profits at major U.S. auto makers will probably not be as strong or impressive.

Probably the best news about auto sales in the first quarter of 2012 relates to jobs. A report by the Center for Automotive Research in 2008 that estimated that for every automotive employee who lost a job, two other employees in auto-related businesses would also lose their jobs is extreme. But certainly healthy U.S. auto sales means healthy U.S. auto production, and healthy U.S. auto employment bodes well for auto-related employment and all the economic trickle down from happy auto employee spending.

So far in the U.S., the total sales of light automobiles and trucks in the U.S. have improved when compared to the same time periods in 2011.

Total Sales of Light Cars and Trucks in the U.S. in 2012:

March U.S. Auto Sales
1.4 million cars and trucks sold
+13.0& compared to March, 2011

February U.S. Auto Sales
1,149,396 cars and trucks sold
+5.7% compared to February, 2011

January U.S. Auto Sales
14.1 million
+8.4% compared to January, 2011

To get a complete and ongoing comparison of 2012 car sales for all major automobile brands sold int he U.S. and year-over-year sales comparisons, click the link for each of the car brands below.

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