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Which Blockbuster Movie Rental Stores Are Closing in 2012 and in What States?


Which Blockbuster Movie Rental Stores Are Closing in 2012 and in What States?
Reprinted with permisssion from Blockbuster.com
Question: Which Blockbuster Movie Rental Stores Are Closing in 2012 and in What States?
After Blockbuster announced that it would be closing an additional 500 movie rental stores stores in 2012, the most frequently asked question was "Which Blockbuster stores are closing down?" Click the links below to find out which Blockbuster retail locations are closing in 2012 and in which states they are closing.
Answer: >> See also All 2013 U.S. Retail Store Closings >>

Blockbuster will be closing 500 of its retail movie rental store locations in 2012. Although a complete list of Blockbuster store closings has not been made public by parent company DISH Network Corporation, an aggregated list can be compiled as individual stores are notified and liquidation sales are scheduled.

The 2012 Blockbuster store closings that have been identified are compiled here. Additions are made to each state's store closing list as additional locations are identified. So far in 2012 Blockbuster store closings have occurred or are scheduled to occur in these states:

Alabama Blockbuster Stores Closing

California Blockbuster Stores Closing

Florida Blockbuster Stores Closing

Georgia Blockbuster Stores Closing

Illinois Blockbuster Store Closing

Maryland Blockbuster Stores Closing

Michigan Blockbuster Stores Closing

Minnesota Blockbuster Stores Closing

Missouri Blockbuster Stores Closing

New Jersey Blockbuster Stores Closing

New York Blockbuster Stores Closing

North Carolina Blockbuster Stores Closing

Ohio Blockbuster Stores Closing

Pennsylvania Blockbuster Stores Closing

South Carolina Blockbuster Stores Closing

Texas Blockbuster Stores Closing

Virginia Blockbuster Stores Closing

West Virginia Blockbuster Stores Closing

Click the links above for the specific cities and addresses and final going out of business sale details at the Blockbuster retail movie rental stores closing in 2012.
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