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Home Depot Stores Current Sales, Stock, Jobs, Facts, and Research Index

Complete Research Profile for Home Depot Store Trends, News, and Information 


Home Depot is the 7th largest retail chain in the world, and the 3rd largest retail chain in the U.S. in terms of annual revenue.  (See complete World's Largest Retailers list.)

The Home Depot stores retail chain is a category killer for home improvement products in the U.S. 

Find current Home Depot sales, stocks, jobs, and stores research information in this Home Depot Research Index.  This complete profile of Home Depot has up to date information about Home Depot news, trends, facts and leaders.

Real-time Stock Market Quotes and News for the Home Depot Retail Stores (HD)

Get real-time stock market quotes, information, and news for Home Depot (HD) here. Stock charts, SEC Filings, historical data, research, and more for Home Depot retail home improvement stores chain can be found here.

Home Depot Current Job Openings - Apply Online for Home Depot Retail Jobs Today

Reprinted with permission from Microsoft Office

Find Home Depot's current retail job openings and get details about how to apply online for Home Depot's hourly, management and corporate retail jobs here. Get a complete listing of job openings and online job application sites in this retail job index.

Home Depot Coupons, Freebies, Discounts and Special Offer - Home Depot E-Club

Home Depot offers store coupons, freebies, discounts, and special offers to Home Depot customer who join the Home Depot e-club.  Get information how to receive the latest e-club coupons, freebies, discounts, and special offers and how to join the Home Depot e-club in this article.  Click for more >>

Fortune 500 - Home Depot's Ranking on the Current Fortune 500 List

Find where Home Depot ranks on the most current Fortune 500 list and how it compares to other Fortune 500 retail companies. The Fortune 500 list is published annually and ranks U.S. companies from all industries in terms of revenue.

Home Depot's Ranking on the Largest Chains in the U.S. Retail Industry List

Home Depot (HD) is ranked as one of the largest retail chains in the U.S. and in the world. Find the latest ranking for the Home retail chain, and all major retail chains on this Largest U.S. Retailers list.

Home Depot on the U.S. Retail Industry Store Closings List - Home Depot Closings

Find the domestic U.S. store closing plans for Home Depot during the current calendar year. Compare Home Depot's store closing plans with the domestic U.S. store opening plans of other major U.S. retail chains.

Mission Statement of Home Depot - Mission, Vision, and Founders

Discover the mission statement that guides and drives employees at all levels of the Home Depot company.  Find mission, vision, history, founders, and headquarters information for Home Depot retail stores chain here.

Career Path of Home Depot CEO Frank Blake - Retail Career Advancement

Discover the career path which led Frank Blake to the CEO position in the Home Depot retail stores organization. Get inspiration and guidance for a nontraditional retail career path from government service to corporate leadership from Frank Blake.

Home Depot's NASCAR Sponsorship - Complete List of NASCAR's Retail Sponsors

Get information about Home Depot's sponsorship of NASCAR cars, drivers, and teams, along with the NASCAR sponsorship involvement of forty other U.S. retail companies.

Home Depot's Ranking as a Top 100 Global Retail Brand - Best Retail Brands

Barbara Farfan for Home Depot

Home Depot was one of only 28 retail companies in the world that holds a place on the annual "Top 100 Global Retail Brands" list. Find out how Home Depot ranks in relation to other global brands and other companies with significant retail operations around the world.

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