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Reader Stories: Customers Tell Their Worst Customer Service Stories and Give Advice


Most companies think they have the best customer service in the world. Plenty of them don't and they don't even know it.

This is where readers share their worst customer service stories and tell companies how they feel. If you share your story too, you could help other customers avoid the worst companies with the worst service practices.

Write your own worst customer service story or read other people's worst customer service stories below. You may find a new definition for "worst" or discover that your own customer service experiences haven't been so bad after all!

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Long John Silver's Saves Pennies, Loses A Customer - Bad Customer Service Report

I work in a national retail grocery store that stresses customer service. I also know in my company when a customer fills out a survey like this the management is informed the next day and is require…More

Retail Store Lost Photos, Lost Customer - Worst Service Customer Stories

I will no longer do business with Walgreens thanks to this utter fiasco. The District Manager already received an earful from me and I let it be known that if they want to give me a second chance the…More

Customer Doesn't See Biblical Principles in Hobby Lobby Customer Service

Mr. Green has worked very hard to promote Hobby Lobby as a faith based business, yet the more “important” he becomes, the more he is “protected”. They think he can’t be …More

Lack of Management Care Made One Hobby Lobby Customer Experience the Worst

I used my best resource talents to reach anyone in upper management at Hobby Lobby and could not get past the three (3) person customer department at their corporate office. People have choices as to…More

Worst Customer Service Answer Is "No" For a Loyal Customer

I will never shop there again, even though I have spent thousands of dollars in the store over the years. If Hobby Lobby doesn’t value me as a repeat, then I will take my business somewhere whe…More

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